Evelyn Brink

Evelyn Brink

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We are always seeking to develop and add to the very exciting roster of actors at Evelyn Brink Artist Management. 

As part of our blueprint for success, we feel it imperative to keep our book small in regards to numbers, this way it allows us to pay absolute attention to each actor on the book, and furthermore develop a relationship which allows us to get to know the actors wants, needs, goals, and more importantly to implement the achievement of these. Having something unique is absolutely vital to be added to our book, we do not accept clones, and the reason being is we do not want you competing in your own agency before competing against the external competition. When evaluating if someone is right for our book, we have to be captivated into the sense of cinematic realism through their performance. The other component we look for in a potential candidate for our book is the right attitude, this is vital. With any actor on our book we develop a professional relationship, so we need to evaluate if you have the right mind set to be a representative of our company.

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